Who We Are

Our story is pretty simple, kind of like SunnaPure.

Founded by entrepreneurs Shannelle Gellert and Brandi Tindall - the women behind SunnaTan and SunnaSmile - Canadian-born and made Sunna Inc. is a beauty, lifestyle + wellness goods and services company that’s rooted in empowering women. Since 2011, women have been central to everything we create.

Brandi is a mother of three and since Shannelle had her first child in 2018, both are passionate about creating products that are safe & healthy. SunnaPure was born from the desire to create a versatile line that fit seamlessly into busy lifestyles and daily routines.

On top of creating functional, simple, clean products, Brandi and Shannelle wanted to continue to grow a community that can feel good about buying and supporting their products.


"Since 2011, we’ve empowered and supported women, teaching them the skills to run successful businesses" - Sunna Inc. Founder Shannelle Gellert

SunnaPure is all about encouraging women to live to their full potential and have the support to run the business or side hustle they’ve always wanted.

SunnaPure is giving away a percentage of all sales to Canadian charitable foundation Mamas For Mamas as our 2020 community initiative partner.

We’re looking for our 2021 community initiative partner! If you know of an organization in need that works with mothers and children, email us here to become a candidate.

Along with supporting women and children through local communities, the philosophy behind Sunna Inc. has always been to support women. Since 2011, Sunna has been in the business of supporting women starting their own businesses and finding their freedom. SunnaPure's referral program does just that. We grow, when you grow. Check it out here.

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