SunnaPure is giving away a percentage of all sales to Canadian charitable foundation Mamas For Mamas as our 2020 community initiative partner. 

Why Mamas For Mamas? 

Mamas For Mamas envisions a future where no Mama or child is left behind.

This is a vision that SunnaPure founders, Brandi Tindall & Shannelle Gellert, as mothers themselves, can get behind. 

When Mamas are supported, children are supported. 

Mamas For Mamas is headquartered in Kelowna, BC with local chapters all across Canada. 

Sunna Inc. is proud to have recently donated over $1,100 as part of their In This Together Campaign. 

You can learn more about Mamas For Mamas HERE


We are looking for our 2021 community initiative partner. If you have any recommendations, please contact us